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Fabulous new trendy colors added to the popular Luxima Express tone range


28.9.2020, Elisa

Four new hit colors join the all-time favorite Silverfox tone in the Four Reasons Luxima Express tone range: Pearl Jam, Blush, Salmon and Sunkiss. Express tones can be used for quick toning, adjusting the color of highlights and lightened hair, for giving a brighter tone to grey hair and creating mixture tones. The Express tone range lives up to its name: the processing time is only five minutes!

Take a closer look at the new tones in the Luxima Express range:

Pearl Jam – Pearl

As the name suggests, this is a pearly tone, the most intense among the new Express tones. Gives the hair a cool pearly tint, with no hint of red, and neutralizes warm undertones well.

Recipe: Highlights Multibleach 6%, toning Pearl Jam 1,5%

Recipe: Pearl Jam 1,5%
Hair stylist: Maarit Heinonen, Four Reasons Education team

Recipe: Pearl Jam + Blush 1:1 1,5%

Blush – Pink

A clear, bright pale pink for quick toning or mixtures when you want to add pink hues without darkening the tone.

Recipe: Highlights Bleach 6%, toning Blush 1,5%

Recipe: Blush 20 g + Sunkiss 5 g + Salmon 15 g 1,5%
Hair stylist: Roosa Mononen, Four Reasons Education team

Base: Highlights Ultralift 6% roots, ends Multibleach 6%
Toning: Roots Blush, lengths Blush + 7-8 Neutral 4:1 1,5%

Salmon – Salmon pink

A cool pastel salmon pink. Depending on the tone of the colored hair, adapts to warm or slightly cool tones. The most muted shade among the new Express tones.

Recipe: Salmon 1,5%

Base: Highlights Multibleach 6%
Toning: Roots Salmon, ends mixture Salmon + Sunkiss 1,5%

Sunkiss – Sand

A warm sandy tone for soft, warm outcomes or color correction to give the hair a warmer tone.

Recipe: Highlights Multibleach 3%, toning Sunkiss 1,5%

The new Express tones are designed for the same darkness levels as the popular Silverfox. Due to the nature of the tones, certain shades are more intense than others. The intensity of the outcome is affected by the processing time (5 min. recommended) and the amount of color in the hair (emulsification vs. rich color mass).

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